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"I recently approached La Reina about a specific spiritual issue regarding my safety and my home and she was so incredibly warm and welcoming and helpful to me in resolving my issue. She offered her time and knowledge in educating me on what I should do while also being patient with me as I bombarded her with daily (and likely annoying) questions, but her gentle and helpful tone never once wavered.

My roommate also had purchased some sugar scrubs from her a while back and they smelled sooo good, and her skin has never been softer before. I'm thinking about trying out some of the soaps here soon, they look so beautiful and I'm sure they smell marvelous too!

I cannot recommend this page more, they deserve much much more attention for their attention to detail and the real care and dedication put into their work. If you're unsure about whether to support them or not, take this as a sign to do so - you won't regret it!"

—  Jake Stanley

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